15 Best Behavioral based Interview Questions and Answers

List of top 15 most frequently asked behavioral based interview questions and answers pdf download free

Behavioral based Interview Questions and Answers List

  1. “Describe your former boss.”
  2. “Take me back to a moment wherein you had to say what’s on your mind to let your colleagues know what you felt or thought.”
  3. “We all have people we don’t hate but we dislike. Why did you dislike a former coworker and how did you deal with him/her?”
  4. “Was there a time when you had to agree to a decision even if it was against your will? Why did you agree?”
  5. “Let’s say we hired you, and you got fired after a couple of months. What do you think would be the reason?”
  6. “Tell me how you faced a personal problem while at work.”
  7. “If I assign work that isn’t part of your job description, what will you do?”
  8. “Give me an unexpected situation you encountered in the past. How did you face it?”
  9. “Tell me a story about how you solved a conflict or disagreement between you and a former colleague.”
  10. “If I call your references now, what would they say about you?”
  11. What’s Behavior Based Interviewing?
  12. How Can I Best Answer Behavior-Based Questions?
  13. Explain step by step guide for answering the behavioral based interviewing questions?
  14. How Can I Prepare for a Behavioral Interview?
  15. What examples to choose for the behavioral interviewing?
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