20 Best Applets Interview Questions and Answers

List of top 20 most frequently asked applets interview questions and answers pdf download free

Applets Interview Questions and Answers List

  1. What type of sound file formats can I use for the applets?
  2. Why do you Canvas?
  3. What is Difference between AWT and Swing?
  4. What is the base class for all swing components?
  5. How do you communicate in between Applets and Servlets?
  6. How will you communicate between two Applets?
  7. When is update method called?
  8. Which method is used to output a string to an applet? Which function is this method included in?
  9. What are the steps involved in Applet development?
  10. What are the Applets information methods?
  11. What type of sound file formats can I use for the applets?
  12. What is AppletStub Interface?
  13. Which classes and interfaces does Applet class consist?
  14. Can applets on different pages communicate with each other?
  15. How do I select a URL from my Applet and send the browser to that page?
  16. How can I arrange for different applets on a web page to communicate with each other?
  17. How do we read number information from my applets parameters, given that Applets getParameter() method returns a string?
  18. Can we pass parameters to an applet from HTML page to an applet? How?
  19. How do Applets differ from Applications?
  20. What is the sequence for calling the methods by AWT for applets?

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