20 Best Economics Interview Questions and Answers

List of top 20 most frequently asked economics interview questions and answers pdf download free

Economics Interview Questions and Answers List

  1. How best to define economics?
  2. Does Europe the USA or China have the largest economy?
  3. What currency was used in the 1700s?
  4. Why do some people believe that a mixed economic system solves basic economic problems?
  5. Should newspapers and book publishers convert to electronic publishing over paper publishing as their primary product?
  6. What are the advantages of leaving the allocation of a countries resources to the price mechanism?
  7. What kind of market structure is the automotive industry?
  8. What are the advantages of free market economy?
  9. What are the disadvantages of mixed economy system?
  10. What was the theory of mercantilism?
  11. Why was Vietnam divided into two countries?
  12. What can you do about tourists use of natural resources?
  13. What are the various uses for break-even analysis?
  14. What still matters in strategic management lies in the value of planning?
  15. What is the importance of strategic management towards the success of a business?
  16. What are the effects of globalization on Indian industry?
  17. How tourism is an upcoming industry?
  18. What caused the Great Depression?
  19. Is there a difference between corporate profit maximization and maximization of shareholder wealth?
  20. Is there a rule of thumb for office rent or lease per gross income?
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