20 Best OLAP Interview Questions and Answers

List of top 20 most frequently asked olap interview questions and answers pdf download free

OLAP Interview Questions and Answers List

  1. Explain about OLAP ?
  2. Explain about the functionality of OLAP?
  3. Explain about MOLAP?
  4. Explain about ROLAP?
  5. Explain about aggregations?
  6. Explain about the view selection problem?
  7. Explain about the role of bitmap indexes to solve aggregation problems?
  8. Explain about Encoding technique used in bitmaps indexes?
  9. Explain about Binning?
  10. Explain about candidate check?
  11. Explain about Hybrid OLAP?
  12. Explain about API`s of OLAP?
  13. Explain about shared features of OLAP?
  14. Explain about analysis?
  15. Explain about multidimensional features present in OLAP?
  16. Explain about the database marketing application of OLAP?
  17. What are the different industries which use this marketing tool?
  18. Compare Data Warehouse database and OLTP database.
  19. Explain about the view selection problem?

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