20 TOP Adobe flex Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

List of top 20 most frequently asked adobe flex multiple choice questions and answers pdf download free

Adobe flex Multiple Choice Questions and Answers List

  1. Which two statements about Spark and MX components are true?
  2. Which statement about Spark components is true?
  3. Which approach allows you to specify a layout for a Spark container?
  4. Which statement comparing Spark and MX layouts are true?
  5. You want to create a sub class of LayoutBase. Which method must be overridden to specify positioning?
  6. You want to create a custom layout to display a number of images in a carousel. Which superclass should you extend to create your custom layout?
  7. Given the following code
    <s:TextInput id=”myTextInput” />
    Adobe 9A0-182 Exam
    Which will allow you to set the content that will be displayed in the control?
  8. Which property of the NumericStepper gives you access to the number that is displayed?
  9. You want to use a field to capture a single line of typed input, with an approximate width of 30 characters. Which statement should you use?
  10. Which two statements about the Spark DataGrid are true?
  11. Which of the following containers is used to arrange its children in a single vertical stack,or column?
  12. Which property of the Group component allows you to specify which orientation its children will have?
  13. Which Spark container will allow you to display its children with a horizontal orientation?
  14. Which components can a Spark Group take as child objects?
  15. Which one of the following is true about the typicalItem property?
  16. Which two sets of skin classes does the Flex framework provide for the Spark Form and Spark FormItem controls?
  17. Which of the following metadata tags is used to define the allowed data type of eachelement of an array?
  18. Which declaration uses the correct syntax to define a style namespace for the components in the components.view package?
  19. You want to create a drop shadow on the Spark label myLabel. Which syntax is correct?
  20. Which two choices will allow you to apply a skin to a component at compile time?

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