20 TOP Aircraft management multiple choice questions and answers

List of top 20 most frequently asked Aircraft management multiple choice questions and answers pdf download free

Aircraft Management Multiple Choice Questions and Answers List

  1. What type of fuselage construction is used in the A-10 airframe?
  2. What is the name of the shielded and sealed compartments in the cockpit that enclose the pitch and roll flight control system mechanisms?
  3. Which description details the materials used to make the windshield assembly?
  4. How is windshield de-icing accomplished?
  5. To which section of the fuselage is the wing attached?
  6. What are the three sections of the wing?
  7. What airframe section consists of the horizontal aand two vertical stabilizers?
  8. How are access panels and doors designate?
  9. Why is the angle-of-attack vane is considered a dangerous component?
  10. How long after engine shutdown are A10 engine exhausts considered hazardous?
  11. Why must you close the left engine’s inboard nacelle door prior to operating the APU?
  12. How can noise levels be reduced during engine runs?
  13. What are the hazards associated with RF radiation?
  14. What type of landing gear arrangement does the A-10 have?
  15. When the aircraft is airborne, what keeps the MLG strut piston in the fully extended position?
  16. What supports the combined weight of the wheel, brake and pressurized piston assembly when the MLG shock strut is fully extended?
  17. If there is doubt that the drag strut actuator is locked, what can you do to determine whether the actuator lock is fully engaged?
  18. What prevents rotation of the exposed MLG wheel during flight?
  19. What is used to determine the MLG wheel brake wear?
  20. How are the NLG centering cams disengaged?

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