20 TOP BPO Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

List of top 20 most frequently asked bpo multiple choice questions and answers pdf download free

BPO Multiple Choice Questions and Answers List

  1. what is the THREE PDF formats commonly used in Data Capture/Data Entry Operation?
  2. the BPO sector will provide ________ jobs at the end of 2011 and make a contribution of ____% of GDP.
  3. In Data Capture/Data Entry Operation, which of the following statement is FALSE
  4. which one of the following is a TRUE statement about Near-Shore Outsourcing characteristics
  5. The AT Kearney Global Business Location index report 2009 has classified Mauritius as
  6. How can you classify the government intervention to ensure adequate supply of skilled workforce in BPO in a specific country
  7. The most common data conversion options are
  8. Stages in the Growth Life Cycle in the BPO Sector can be categorised as:
  9. What are the factors which have an impact when deciding on a BPO destination?
  10. The main characteristics of Knowledge Process Outsourcing are
  11. Mauritius is positioning itself as a challenging BPO destination due to the following factors:
  12. What is the number of companies operating in the BPO/ITES Sector in Mauritius?
  13. The Mercantile Bank in the United States has contracted out its IT services to a company called “Mercantile Technology Inc” in Philippines and owned by Mercantile Bank USA. “Mercantile Technology Inc” could be categorized as:
  14. In terms of cost characteristics, re-arrange the following outsourcing location decision from low cost to high cost (a) Nearshore, (b) Onshore, (c) Offshore
  15. What do you think is the most important justification for a company to consider offshore decision?
  16. Which of the following statement best describes Mauritius as a cost effective destination:
  17. A TRUE statement between Low End and High End BPO is
  18. BPO companies involved in transcription normally
  19. A BPO company specializing in image processing may provide the following services
  20. PECS Data, a Mauritian based company is involved in transcription services for a US institution and recruiting local transcription agents. PECS Data is therefore

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