20 TOP Broadcast Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

List of top 20 most frequently asked broadcast multiple choice questions and answers pdf download free

Broadcast Multiple Choice Questions and Answers List

  1. The acronym FM stands for
  2. According to studies, the quarter of the hour with the largest listening audience is
  3. Which scientist is credited with the discovery the existence of radio waves
  4. Which inventor conducted the first radio transmission in the year 1895
  5. Which single event resulted in global acceptance of 24 hour mandatory use of radio for shipping communications
  6. Morse Code is what form of radio transmission
  7. FM broadcasts are assigned what radio frequencies by the FCC
  8. Line of sight propagation is defined as
  9. The term ‘Picket Fencing’ is used to describe
  10. At night, AM transmissions can be received from great distances because
  11. The type of cable used to send a program from the broadcast amplifier to the transmission antenna is called
  12. Satellite transmissions work on what kind of signal
  13. Lavaliere mics are used widely in TV broadcasting because
  14. Omnidirectional mics are used in field recordings for
  15. An obstacle of using hand operated ‘booms’ or ‘fish pole’ stands is
  16. Miking sporting events requires sound pickups from what sources
  17. The process of temporarily lowering the volume of a recording (or any source) in order to speak over it is called
  18. What two factors determine sky-wave propagation between two points?
  19. The highest frequency at which the ionosphere bends radio waves back to Earth is called
  20. VSWR is a measure of an impedance mismatch between

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