20 TOP CISSP Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

List of top 20 most frequently asked cissp multiple choice questions and answers pdf download free

CISSP Multiple Choice Questions and Answers List

  1. When an attacker sends unsolicited communication, it is an example of:
  2. Masquerading is:
  3. Integrity is protection of data from all of the following EXCEPT:
  4. A security program cannot address which of the following business goals?
  5. In most cases, integrity is enforced through:
  6. A “well-formed transaction” is one that:
  7. In an accounting department, several people are required to complete a financial process. This is most likely an example of:
  8. Risk Management is commonly understood as all of the following EXCEPT:
  9. The percentage or degree of damage inflicted on an asset used in the calculation of single loss expectancy can be referred to as:
  10. The absence of a fire-suppression system would be best characterized as a(n):
  11. Risk Assessment includes all of the following EXCEPT:
  12. A risk management project may be subject to overlooking certain types of threats. What can assist the risk management team to prevent that?
  13. Data classification can assist an organization in:
  14. Who “owns” an organization’s data?
  15. An information security policy does NOT usually include:
  16. The role of an information custodian should NOT include:
  17. A main objective of awareness training is:
  18. What is a primary target of a person employing social engineering?
  19. Social engineering can take many forms EXCEPT:
  20. Incident response planning can be instrumental in:

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