20 TOP Company Secretary Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

List of top 20 most frequently asked company secretary multiple choice questions and answers pdf download free

Company Secretary Multiple Choice Questions and Answers List

  1. On incorporation of a company, the Registrar of Companies in addition to the Certificate of Incorporation, issues a unique identification number called
  2. An Indian public company holds 80% of the paid-up share capital of a company incorporated at a place outside India. Is the annual statement of the latter company required to be attached to the annual statement of the former company pursuant to Section 212
  3. A company in which 50.25% of shares are held by one State Government while the rest of the shares are held by private sector companies and by retail shareholders i.e., members of public, is a
  4. The Central Government may exempt any class of companies from complying with the provisions of Schedule VI of the Companies Act, 1956, if it is necessary to grant such exemption in the
  5. Global Ltd. has the paid-up equity capital structure – Central Government:
    38%; State Government: 10%; Subsidiary of a Government Company:
    17.50%; and retail shareholders remaining shares. Which of the following classes of companies would it belong to
  6. Contracts made after incorporation of a public company, but before issue of the certificate of commencement of business are
  7. The applicant for the availability of name of the proposed company can have option to give maximum
  8. Which one of the following sections of the Act specifies that the provision of the Companies Act, 1956 override the provisions in the memorandum of association
  9. The rights attached to the shares of any class may be varied with the consent in writing of the holders of the issued shares of that class having not less than
  10. Where title in shares of a company is in dispute, the matter has to be resolved by
  11. In case of buyback of shares by a listed company, the letter of offer to the shareholders shall be dispatched not earlier than
  12. The majority required in a shareholders’ meeting to approve a scheme of arrangement is simple majority of shareholders holding at least
  13. The audit committee of a listed company shall meet at least
  14. Non-executive directors of a public company may get remuneration on quarterly basis if such basis of payment is approved by/under
  15. As per Companies Act, 1956, the maximum number of directors a private limited company which is subsidiary of a public company, can have without approval of the Central Government is
  16. A director appointed by the Board to hold the office until the conclusion of next annual general meeting is known as
  17. The minimum number of directors of the audit committee in the case of a listed company with 12 directors shall be
  18. The maximum age limit for directors in case of private companies is
  19. A member of the ICSI in practice shall be deemed to be guilty of professional misconduct if he issues compliance certificates/ signs annual return in aggregate in a calendar year for more than
  20. A person who is Company Secretary and director of a company is

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