20 TOP Data Capturing Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

List of top 20 most frequently asked Data Capturing multiple choice questions and answers pdf download free

Data Capturing Multiple Choice Questions and Answers List

  1. Which of the following methods is not automatic data capture?
  2. Which of the following would be the best method of collecting data about a customer’s personal details?
  3. Is an application form an automatic method of data capture?
  4. Keying data into a computerised system while the customer gives you their details verbally is…
  5. When designing a data capture form you should consider the following…(Please indicate two correct answers)
  6. A data capture form should contain instructions about how it should be completed?
  7. People should be allowed to enter a date in whatever format they wish e.g. 19th May 1987, 19/05/1987, 19th May 87 etc.
  8. If the form is being designed for a company then their company logo and colours should always be included in the data capture form?
  9. It is a good idea to use as many closed questions as possible rather than open?
  10. Data such as a customer’s address should be collected as one block of text?
  11. It is acceptable to specify which colour of ink the respondant should fill out the data capture form with?
  12. The questions on the data capture form should always be arranged compactly to fit all of them onto one page.
  13. In this process, transparent originals are coated with a small amount of oil or gel to reduce scratches or imperfections.
  14. _______ lights are a high-intensity flicker-free source of illumination that provides an alternative to the problems presented by tungsten lighting.
  15. _______ are used to apply special effects to bitmap images.
  16. This technology is used by flatbed scanners to assure uniform sharpness and high resolution of images regardless of they placements on the scanning area.
  17. Digital cameras use what type of cards?
  18. Drum scanners use ________ for gathering color information.
  19. _______ cameras are characterized by high-or ultra-high resolution and excellent noninterpolated color rendition.
  20. ________ are used to isolate an area that you want to protect from change while applying color changes, filters, or other efefcts to the rest of the image.

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