20 TOP Environment Management Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

List of top 20 most frequently asked environment management multiple choice questions and answers pdf download free

Environment Management Multiple Choice Questions and Answers List

  1. What is industrial symbiosis
  2. Which of the certification systems EMAS or ISO 14001 is the most challenging for a company
  3. FSC means:
  4. A functional unit is
  5. System boundaries are:
  6. A performance indicator is:
  7. What is integrated management systems
  8. A waste audit means that:
  9. What kind of eco-label is EMAS
  10. EEA means
  11. Where was the 2002 World Summmit on Sustainable Development held
  12. What are the chemicals that damage the ozone layer
  13. What is the average fine for an environmnetal prosecution
  14. Which pollution issue are people (in UK) most concerned about
  15. The loss of rainforest each year is equivalent to the size of which country
  16. Which of these energy sources is renewable
  17. What is the legal principle for handling waste
  18. How many companies worldwide have certified environmental management systems
  19. What is most land used for
  20. What is the main reason for the increase in water contamination incidents

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