20 TOP FoxPro Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

List of top 11 most frequently asked foxpro multiple choice questions and answers pdf download free

FoxPro Multiple Choice Questions and Answers List

  1. Which File is used to write the different types of Foxpro program ?
  2. If the Customers table is open, what does this command do: ? [company]
  3. What happens if you hold the Shift key down then click on File in the main menu?
  4. What date is given by Gomonth({^2000-01-31}, 1)?
  5. What does the command 3+8 do if you are on the first record of the Customer table?
  6. If x is ‘X ‘ and y is ‘Y ‘ then what is the result of x – y ?
  7. What happens if you redefine a field type from Numeric to Float?
  8. Can you enter duplicate values in a field with a Unique index?
  9. What does ?_screen->backcolor do?
  10. Can you use a #DEFINE on a Foxpro keyword?
  11. What is the result of Proper(‘MCKAY’)?

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