20 TOP Google Analytics Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

List of top 20 most frequently asked Google Analytics multiple choice questions and answers pdf download free

Google Analytics Multiple Choice Questions and Answers List

  1. What are the four main components of the Google Analytics platform? (select all that apply)
  2. The tracking code in Google Analytics: (select all that apply)
  3. Which Analytics tracking technology would you use to collect how users interact with a web-connected ticket kiosk?
  4. Google Analytics can only recognize returning users on websites, not on mobile apps.
  5. During data processing, Google Analytics: (select all that apply)
  6. A session in Google Analytics consists of:
  7. How can you add data to Google Analytics from other sources? (select all that apply)
  8. Which of the following are configuration settings that can change how your data appears in your reports? (select all that apply)
  9. Which of the following are dimensions in Google Analytics? (select all that apply)
  10. You can combine any metric with any dimension in a Google Analytics report.
  11. When does Google Analytics sample data for reporting?
  12. You’ve discovered that a significant portion of your site traffic is coming from your internal users and is skewing your customer data. Which of the following solutions should you implement to clean up your report data?
  13. You’ve discovered that data about the Product pages of your ecommerce website is missing from your reports. Which of the following could be the cause? (select all that apply)
  14. For a website that hosts 45 minute-long documentary videos, what configuration settings could you use to more accurately track user engagement?
  15. How could you create a customized dashboard in Google Analytics that you can monitor on a daily basis? (select all that apply)
  16. The tracking code loads a larger phpscript file from the Google webserver and then sets variables with the user’s account number. The larger file, currently known as:
  17. Google Analytics launched as of September 29, 2011.
  18. The tracking code runs in the client browser when The client browses the page and collects visitor data and_______.
  19. The largest potential impact on data accuracy in Google Analytics comes from:
  20. The Mobile Package contains server-side tracking codes that use:

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