20 TOP Hyperion Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

List of top 20 most frequently asked Hyperion multiple choice questions and answers pdf download free

Hyperion Multiple Choice Questions and Answers List

  1. After creating a new Hyerion Planning appLication, what are two steps that must be taken for it to appear as a va[id Web appLication at the Web LogOn page?
  2. Which three options are supported authentication providers for CSS?
  3. What is the correct order Hyperion Planning will foLlow to generate a Web Form with Suppress Missing data enabled?
  4. What three properties can be defined for User-defined custom dimensions?
  5. Which three statements are true about the Cut function in the 1-lyperion PLanning Dimension Editor?
  6. Which three tasks can be performed by a PLanner?
  7. After the calendar is created through the application setup, which statement is true?
  8. What wiLl be converted after the Currency Conversion CaLc Script is run?
  9. What is the ideal data block size?
  10. Which five tasks are performed when setting up a 1-lyperion PLanning application? (Choose five.)
  11. When refreshing the database in a multi-currency application, what can be selected to create a Currency Conversion Caic Script?
  12. Which two statements about account level annotations are true?
  13. Which three are valid properties of Scenarios with the Hyperion Planning Web Dimension Editor?
  14. Which two Hyperion Application Link Adapters can be used together to Load data?
  15. When using the Hyperion PLanning ADM driver within Hyperion Reports, which function is used to select Attribute members?
  16. Supporting Detail can have which two properties?
  17. Which two are valid Account member names that can be used in Hyperion PLanning?
  18. The Create Blocks componentwithin F-Iyperion Business Rules (HBR) is used for the purposeof
  19. What are three valid variables to consider about Hyperion Planning application Web performance?
  20. When designing a report in Hyperion Reports, where do you set me txpansion upnon

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