20 TOP Oracle Apps Interview Questions and Answers

List of top 20 most frequently asked oracle apps interview questions and answers pdf download free

Oracle Apps Interview Questions and Answers List

  1. What is Multi Org Architecture?
  2. How can I know if I am using Multi Org?
  3. What are the relationships I can define in a multi org environment?
  4. I want to Setup Additional Organizations, do I have to setup Multiorg?
  5. Is there any documentation on how to setup an organization?
  6. When my organization hierarchy changes, can I move an organization from one set of books or legal entity to another?
  7. How can I setup a child org to be its own costing organization?
  8. How can I define organization restriction?
  9. What responsibility do I need to use to setup organization?
  10. What are the main profile options relating to Organization setup and what are they used for?
  11. Does oracle support partitioning of tables in Oracle Apps?
  12. What will be your partitioning strategy on GL_BALANCES? Your views please?
  13. Does Oracle support running of gather stats on SYS schema in Oracle Apps?
  14. Can you use concurrent program “Gather Schema Statistics” to gather stats on sys schema in oracle apps?
  15. Which table is used to provide drill down from Oracle GL into sub-ledger?
  16. What is the significance of profile option “Responsibility Trust Level”.
  17. What is the role of Document Manager in Oracle Purchasing?
  18. How will you open a bc4j package in jdeveloper?
  19. Can you send blob attachments via workflow notifications?
  20. What is the lock option in reports layout?

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