20 TOP Oracle ETL Interview Questions and Answers

List of top 20 most frequently asked oracle etl interview questions and answers pdf download free

Oracle ETL Interview Questions and Answers List

  1. What are the various tools? Name a few?
  2. What are snapshots? What are materialized views & where do we use them? What is a materialized view?
  3. What is fact less fact table? where you have used it in your project?
  4. Can we look-up a table from source qualifier transformation. ie. unconnected lookup?
  5. Where do we use connected and un connected lookups?
  6. Where do we use semi and non additive facts?
  7. What are non-additive facts in detail?
  8. What is a staging area? Do we need it? What is the purpose of a staging area?
  9. What is a three tier data warehouse?
  10. What are the various methods of getting incremental records or delta records from the source systems?
  11. What are the various tools? – Name a few?
  12. What is latest version of Power Center / Power Mart?
  13. What is the difference between Power Center & Power Mart?
  14. What are the various transformation available?
  15. What is ODS (operation data source)?
  16. What is the difference between etl tool and olap tools?
  17. What is the metadata extension?
  18. What are the various test procedures used to check whether the data is loaded in the backend, performance of the mapping, and quality of the data loaded in INFORMATICA?
  19. I am new to SAS, can anybody explain the process of extracting data from source systems,storing in ODS and how data modelling is done?
  20. Techniques of Error Handling – Ignore, Rejecting bad records to a flat file, loading the records and reviewing them (default values)?

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