20 TOP SAP HR Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

List of top 20 most frequently asked sap hr multiple choice questions and answers pdf download free

SAP HR Multiple Choice Questions and Answers List

  1. SAP E-recruiting can be used as
  2. Where is an employee’s work schedule stored?
  3. The E-recruiting solution enables you to recruite english speaking employees? ( T/F )
  4. How many number of subtypes are present in Compensation Package Offer Infotype?
  5. Pick the “True” statements regarding “Check List for the Global assignment Change
  6. Statement A: “Business event groups serve to structure the catalog. They can contain multiple hierarchy levels.”
  7. Statement B: “Business event types carry almost all of the information relevant to the business event. They form the basic structure of the catalog.

  8. 360 feedback appraisals: appraisals that draw on diverse sources(supervisors, peers and self-appraisals). True or False?
  9. You must start one report for the gross payroll and one for the net payroll for each payroll period.
  10. What is assigned in the payroll status infotype(0003) to personnel numbers with errors ?
  11. Communication between time recording systems and HR time management takes place via standard interface ?
  12. Elements of the enterprise structure?
  13. A is the key for which object type?</li>
  14. secondary Incoming wage types is?
  15. A Work Schedule Rule comprises of the following elements:
  16. Public Holidays can have the following characteristics:
  17. The different methods for transferring employee time data to the SAP system are:
  18. Which feature that determine the administrator group ?
  19. The following are the options available in SAP Time Management:
  20. What is the main switch for integration of OM with PA?
  21. Which Info type used for storing Personnel ids like PAN,Passport
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