20 TOP SAP NetWeaver Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

List of top 20 most frequently asked sap netWeaver multiple choice questions and answers pdf download free

SAP NetWeaver Multiple Choice Questions and Answers List

  1. You can implement an SAP NetWeaver Portal in your landscape to achieve various business goals. Which of the following scenarios are supported by SAP Netweaver Portal?
  2. Which of the following statements about Knowledge Management (KM) are true?
  3. With the collaboration capabilities, SAP NetWeaver allows communication and collaboration in the portal. This allows SAP NetWeaver to bring together members of project groups regardless of time and of their geographic location. Which of the following functionalities are supported by ‘Collaboration’?
  4. You would like to share content between SAP and non-SAP portal systems that are distributed across your landscape, thus providing a single portal access point per user to portal, with one portal as logon portal for all users. Which of the following can you use?
  5. When you create new content objects in the PCD, there are two main procedures, out of which one is using Copies. How many methods are there to create copies and which are they?
  6. Which are the backend systems from which the Web Dynpro Model Object can be supplied with information?
  7. The Universal Work list (UWL) collects tasks and notifications from multiple provider systems and is integrated with Alert Management. The statement is:
  8. What SAP component can be used to provide a single integrated user interface for users to SAP products?
  9. What is the central component in the User Productivity Area?
  10. Define installed units?
  11. What ensures a central point of access to information, applications and services in the company?
  12. You can save and reuse the part of message mapping as
  13. System Landscape Directory adheres to ?
  14. Sender Agreement is not required for
  15. To maintain IDoc metadata and port, which transaction codes are used in PI ?
  16. Types of Lookups in SAP PI are
  17. SAP PI is open and flexible as it uses
  18. SAP PI is a single component that works flexibly to implement integration scenarios.?
  19. What is the order of the pipeline steps in SAP PI.
  20. You can create and maintain alert categories on the Integration Server?
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