20 TOP SAP PLM Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

List of top 20 most frequently asked sap plm multiple choice questions and answers pdf download free

SAP PLM Multiple Choice Questions and Answers List

  1. What is short form of Finish Start?
  2. What is short form of Earliest Finis ?
  3. Which one is involved in Overall Network Scheduling Transaction with selection options?
  4. Object representing events that are particularly important for the progress of the project or are of special interest. You can assign milestones to individual activities or WBS elements by using ________.
  5. Controls how actual dates from partial confirmations affect further scheduling runs in PLM ?
  6. A model of the project that shows the project activities to be fulfilled in the hierarchical form. It divides the project into clearly-structured sections means?
  7. Production Order means?
  8. Which one is entered in networks using confirmations.?
  9. What is mean by Purchase Order in PLM ?
  10. Which one is called “An organizational unit within a controlling area that represents a defined location of cost incurrence. The definition can be based on functional requirements, allocation criteria, physical locations or responsibility for costs”.?
  11. What is mean by “The network structures that are not directly associated with a project and can be used as templates for creating other standard networks or operative networks”.?
  12. What is mean by “a customer request to a company for a quotation or sales information that is not binding. The request is received by a sales area that is then responsible for processing it further”.?
  13. which one is Used to set control keys.?
  14. which one isDetermines the latest dates.
  15. What is Determines the earliest dates means?
  16. What is mean by a request or instruction to Purchasing to procure a quantity of a material or service so what it is available at a certain point in time.?
  17. An organizationl unit that defines where and by whom an activity is to be carried otu. The data in the work center can be used for scheduling, costing, and capacity planning means?
  18. Which requirements do you want to display?
  19. A neutral work breakdown structure that can be used several times over and only serves as a template for creating operative work breakdown structures means?
  20. Order for detailed planning and associated documetnation of measures during maintenance means?
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