20 TOP SAP PP Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

List of top 20 most frequently asked sap pp multiple choice questions and answers pdf download free

SAP PP Multiple Choice Questions and Answers List

  1. What is the T Code for changing planned order?
  2. Production Planning Module is integrated with which of the following modules?
  3. Which of the following are valid BOM categories?
  4. Movement Type for Goods Receipt in to Ware House
  5. What is the T code for “Display production lot”?
  6. What is the T Code for displaying planning file entry?
  7. What is the use of BOM?
  8. Routing contains information about which of the following?
  9. A Material BOM is created without plant. What would you call it?
  10. Where is work center used?
  11. A plant can be a physical plant or a logical section of a plant
  12. Storage locations are areas where materials are stored within a plant
  13. A purchasing organization can buy for a number of plants
  14. A purchasing group is a sub-set of a purchasing organization
  15. Strategy Group is relevant for Material Requirement Planning
  16. MRP can be caried out at :
  17. In Material Requirement Planning
  18. With Make – to Stock strategy 10
  19. The Individual / Collective indicator in the material Master determines
  20. ATP – Available to Promise (Availability check)
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