20 TOP SOA Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

List of top 20 most frequently asked soa multiple choice questions and answers pdf download free

SOA Multiple Choice Questions and Answers List

  1. Which two statements about security considerations in an SOA environment are true?
  2. Which three meet the requirement for SOA identity propagation?
  3. Which action should they take first?
  4. A company has prioritized their most important requirements for SOA to be the need to speed up integration, reduce application redundancy and provide the flexibility to change service implementations. Which type of project should be recommended?
  5. Which technique improves a business process?
  6. When is an SOA implementation most appropriate?
  7. How do Web 2.0 applications communicate with SOA services?
  8. What does the SOAP specification define?
  9. Organizations that do not adopt SOA will experience which outcome?
  10. A business has been ‘doing’ SOA for a while and is becoming disillusioned with the results. They are not seeing the Return on Investment (ROI) they expected even though they have created several hundred services. What is the likely cause of this problem?
  11. What is a method for verifying the business success of an SOA solution?
  12. Which is an important decision for the adoption of SOA?
  13. Which specifications are central to Web services?
  14. From an IT perspective, what is the primary goal of moving to SOA?
  15. Which three characteristics of services indicate a mature SOA environment?
  16. What does the WS-I Basic Profile provide for an SOA?
  17. In the context of SOA and Business Process Management (BPM), what demonstrates flexibility in a business process?
  18. How can a company enforce adherence to the SOA policies that have been defined?
  19. Which organization has the greatest need for SOA governance?
  20. How does SOA achieve alignment between business and IT?
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