22 Best Data Mining Interview Questions and Answers

List of top 22 most frequently asked Data Mining interview questions and answers pdf download free

Data Mining Interview Questions and Answers List

  1. Differentiate between Data Mining and Data warehousing.
  2. What is Data purging?
  3. What are CUBES?
  4. What are OLAP and OLTP?
  5. What are the different problems that “Data mining” can solve?
  6. What are different stages of “Data mining”?
  7. What is Discrete and Continuous data in Data mining world?
  8. What is MODEL in Data mining world?
  9. How does the data mining and data warehousing work together?
  10. What is a Decision Tree Algorithm?
  11. What is Naive Bayes Algorithm?
  12. Explain clustering algorithm.
  13. What is Time Series algorithm in data mining?
  14. Explain Association algorithm in Data mining.
  15. What is Sequence clustering algorithm?
  16. Explain the concepts and capabilities of data mining.
  17. Explain how to work with the data mining algorithms included in SQL Server data mining.
  18. Explain how to use DMX-the data mining query language.
  19. Explain how to mine an OLAP cube.
  20. What are the different ways of moving data/databases between servers and databases in SQL Server?
  21. Describe how DTS is used to extract, transform and consolidate data.
  22. What are the benefits of User-Defined Functions?

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