24 Best Exit Interview Questions and Answers

List of top 24 most frequently asked exit interview questions and answers pdf download free

Exit Interview Questions and Answers List

  1. How did you reach the idea of resigning from this job?
  2. It seems you are very eager to return to your passion. Are you sure, you won’t miss the times you enjoyed a bit?
  3. Did you have any goals when you joined the company?
  4. Would you come to work for this company again?
  5. What did you hate the most while working with us?
  6. Do you think management gave you enough opportunities to air your views?
  7. Any part of your job that you enjoyed?
  8. If you were to change anything here, what would it be?
  9. Now that you will be having more free time, how are you planning to use it?
  10. What do think has improved in this company since you came?
  11. What were your parameters to select your new employer?
  12. Did you have all the resources to accomplish your job with us? If not, what was missing?
  13. Were you happy with your pay, benefits and other incentives?
  14. What was the quality of the supervision you received?
  15. What could your immediate supervisor do to improve his or her management style?
  16. Based on your experience with us, what do you think it takes to succeed at this company?
  17. Did any company policies or procedures (or any other obstacles) make your job more difficult?
  18. Would you consider working again for this company in the future?
  19. Would you recommend working for this company to your family and friends?
  20. Did your job duty satisfy what you expected?
  21. Did you receive effective training?
  22. Did you receive support by your superiors?
  23. What would you do to improve the workplace condition?
  24. What is that your new company offers which is not offered by us?

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