24 Best ITIL Interview Questions and Answers

List of top 24 itil most frequently asked interview questions and answers pdf download free

ITIL Interview Questions and Answers List

  1. What is ITIL?
  2. What are types of service provider?
  3. Explain Service knowledge management system?
  4. Explain Strategic/Tactical/Operational level changes?
  5. Explain Change Management?
  6. Service Transition?
  7. Explain the availability Managements?
  8. What is Service level Management?
  9. Types of service catalogue?
  10. Explain Service Design?
  11. Return on Investment?
  12. Explain Retired services?
  13. Explain Service portfolio, Service catalogue and service pipeline?
  14. Explain Service strategy process?
  15. What is Service process management Process?
  16. Define Service Management?
  17. What is continues service improvement (CSI)?
  18. Define Service operations?
  19. Define Service transition?
  20. Define Service Design?
  21. Define Service strategy?
  22. Explain ITIL service Life cycle model?
  23. What is ITIL service management?
  24. What are the ITIL based models adopted by organization?
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