24 TOP Java JVM Interview Questions and Answers

List of top 24 most frequently asked java jvm Interview Questions interview questions and answers pdf download free

Java JVM Interview Questions and Answers List

  1. How can I write a program that takes command line input?
  2. What does public static void main(String[]) mean?
  3. Why are command line arguments passed as a String?
  4. Why doesn’t the main method throw an error with no arguments?
  5. Why do we only use the main method to start a program?
  6. Can the main method be overloaded?
  7. Can the main method be declared final?
  8. I get an exception if I remove the static modifier from main!
  9. How can the static main method use instance variables?
  10. main method from another class?
  11. Can a method be static and synchronized?
  12. What is reflection API? How are they implemented?
  13. Explain working of Java Virtual Machine (JVM)?
  14. Can I have multiple main methods in the same class?
  15. When is static variable loaded? Is it at compile time or runtime? When exactly a static block is loaded in Java?
  16. Can an application have multiple classes having main method?
  17. How can one prove that the array is not null but empty?
  18. What is the first argument of the String array in main method?
  19. What do you understand by casting in java language? What are the types of casting?
  20. What do you understand by a variable?
  21. What type of parameter passing does Java support?
  22. What is the difference between declaring a variable and defining a variable?
  23. What is the difference between the boolean & operator and the && operator?
  24. What is the Java Virtual Machine (JVM)?

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