25 Best Data Warehousing Interview Questions and Answers

List of top 25 most frequently asked Data Warehousing interview questions and answers pdf download free

Data Warehousing Interview Questions and Answers List

  1. How can we run the graph? What is the procedure for that? How can we schedule the graph in UNIX?
  2. What is a real-time data warehouse? How is it different from near to real-time data warehouse?
  3. What is difference between drill & scope of analysis?
  4. I have two Universes created by two difference database can we join them in Designer & Report level? How
  5. For faster process, what we will do with the Universe?
  6. What is type 2 version dimension?
  7. What is unit testing?
  8. What is Informatica Architecture?
  9. What is data warehouse architecture?
  10. What is data analysis? Where it will be used?
  11. What are data modeling and data mining? Where it will be used?
  12. What is “method/1”?
  13. After the generation of a report to whom we have to deploy or what we do after the completion of a report?
  14. After the complete generation of a report who will test the report and who will analyze it?
  15. Can you pass sql queries in filter transformation?
  16. Where the Data cube technology is used?
  17. How can you implement many relations in star schema model?
  18. What is critical column?
  19. What is the main difference between star and snowflake star schema? Which one is better and why?
  20. What is the difference between dependent data warehouse and independent data warehouse?
  21. Which technology should be used for interactive data querying across multiple dimensions for a decision making for a DW?
  22. What is Virtual Data Warehousing?
  23. What is the difference between metadata and data dictionary?
  24. What is the difference between mapping parameter & mapping variable in data warehousing?
  25. Explain the advantages of RAID 1, 1/0, and 5. what type of RAID setup would you put your TX logs.

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