25 Best Network and Security Interview Questions and Answers

List of top 25 most frequently asked network and security interview questions and answers pdf download free

Network and Security Interview Questions and Answers List

  1. How to you keep yourself updated on network security -or- Where do you get updates on security?
  2. If you need to encrypt and compress data for transmission, how would you achieve it?
  3. What factors would you consider before deploying a web intrusion detection system?
  4. What is Cross site scripting?
  5. How does the HTTP handle state?
  6. In context of public key encryption, if you are using both signature and encryption features, what key will you use for encryption and which one will you use forsigning?
  7. What type of network do you use at home?
  8. What is Cross Site Request Forgery and how to defend against it?
  9. Name the port used by PING.
  10. Security Life Cycle.
  11. Define the meaning of an Authentication.
  12. What is the sense of a fingerprint?
  13. What a security mean in your sense?
  14. What is a Password?
  15. What is a Smart Card or Chip Card or Integrated Circuit Card (ICC)?
  16. Finally, who is a hacker?
  17. What are the types of LAN cables used? What is a cross cable?
  18. What is IPCONFIG command? Why it is used?
  19. What is BSOD? What do you do when you get blue screen in a computer? How do you troubleshoot it?
  20. What is RIS? What is Imaging/ghosting?
  21. What is the difference between a switch and a hub?
  22. What are manageable and non manageable switches?
  23. What is a DNS resource record
  24. What protocol is used by DNS name servers
  25. What is the difference between TFTP and FTP application layer protocols
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