25 Best Special Education Teacher Interview Questions

List of top 25 most frequently asked special education teacher interview questions and answers pdf download free

Special Education Teacher Interview Questions List

  1. What are your main focuses when delivering a lesson?
  2. How would you maintain order in an unruly class?
  3. What are your strong points as a teacher?
  4. What are your weak points as a teacher?
  5. How would you help an individual student who seemed to be struggling in class?
  6. Describe your personal style of teaching.
  7. How would you go about relaying a pupil’s progress to their parents?
  8. What would you do if you had a disagreement with another teacher?
  9. If a student came to you saying they were being bullied, what would you do?
  10. What do you think you can bring to our school?
  11. Why did you decide to be a teacher?
  12. What is your teaching style?
  13. How do you handle disciplining a child who is acting out?
  14. How do you make sure you lessons meet the state standards?
  15. How do you communicate with the parents?
  16. How do you encourage group work amongst your students?
  17. Describe one of the most successful lessons you have taught in a class. Explain why it worked so well.
  18. What strategies will you use to encourage group work amongst your student?
  19. What will you do ¡f a lesson doesn’t work well?
  20. What qualities do you look for in a principal?
  21. What are your personal and professional goals?
  22. How do you evaluate the success of your teaching?
  23. Tell me about a teacher who has inspired you and what did you learn from him or her?
  24. What are your areas of strength in the curriculum?
  25. How do you keep your subject up to date?
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