25 Best SSRS Interview Questions and Answers

List of top 25 most frequently asked ssrs interview questions and answers pdf download free

SSRS Interview Questions and Answers List

  1. What is Query parameter in SSRS?
  2. What are the Reporting Service Components in SSRS?
  3. What is a matrix in SSRS?
  4. What are sub reports and how to create them?
  5. What is the report model project?
  6. What is report server project?
  7. What is the report builder?
  8. In which SQL Server version report builder introduced?
  9. How to deploy the Report?
  10. What is RS.exe utility?
  11. What is the name of reporting services config file and what’s it’s used for?
  12. What are the three different part of RDL file explain them?
  13. Which language rdl files made of?
  14. What is the chart in report?
  15. What is Data Set in report?
  16. What are the different types of data sources in SSRS?
  17. What is the web service used for reporting services?
  18. How to add the custom code in Report?
  19. What is a cache in SSRS?
  20. What is report snapshot in SSRS?
  21. What is bookmark link in SSRS?
  22. What is Command parameter in SSRS?
  23. What is Format parameter in SSRS?
  24. What is Snapshot parameter in SSRS?
  25. What are the rendering extensions of SSRS?
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