30 Best Application Packaging Interview Questions and Answers

List of top 30 most frequently asked application packaging interview questions and answers pdf download free

Application Packaging Interview Questions and Answers List

  1. What is Application Packaging?
  2. What is Application Repackaging?
  3. What are the steps of Repackaging?
  4. Why repackaging is required & what are the problems in Legacy Installation?
  5. Name few MSI Packaging tools?
  6. Name few MSI Re-Packaging tools?
  7. Name few Deployment tools?
  8. What is Windows Installer?
  9. Benefits of the Windows Installer?
  10. MSI Installation Mechanism (Background Mechanism)?
  11. What is a MSI?
  12. Structure of MSI?
  13. What is Product?
  14. What is Feature?
  15. What is Component?
  16. What is self-healing?
  17. What is Custom action?
  18. What is File Association?
  19. What are Shortcuts & Types?
  20. What are INI File & its format?
  21. What are Services & its types?
  22. Where is Service information stored?
  23. in the MSI, which tables contain information about the service details?
  24. What is ODBC & DSN and its types?
  25. What is File Association?
  26. What is Environment Variable & its types?
  27. Where System Variables and User Variables are stored in the registries?
  28. What is Merge Module?
  29. Name few Merge Module tables?
  30. Detail the Background mechanism of Merge Module?
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