30 Best HAVC Interview Questions and Answers

List of top 30 most frequently asked havc interview questions and answers pdf download free

HAVC Interview Questions and Answers List

  1. What is local comfort cooling system ?
  2. What is Centralised air system ?
  3. What is Constant volume system ?
  4. What is Variable air volume system & Dual duct system ?
  5. What is Hydronic system or Air-Water system ?
  6. What is ASHRAE ,SMACNA & DW-142 ?
  7. How vapour compression cycle works ?
  8. What is the pressure and temperature of refrigerant at expansion valve andcondenser ?
  9. What is Refrigerant ?
  10. How the cleaning process is done before the gas is filled in the pipingsystem ?
  11. How is the leak detection of refrigerant piping is done ?
  12. What is Humidification & Dehumudification ?
  13. What is Dry bulb temperature, Wet bulb temperature, Relative humidity,Dew point temperature ?
  14. What the horizontal lines, vertical lines, curved lines represents inPyschometric chart?
  15. What is Sensible heat & Latent heat ?
  16. What is tonne Refrigeration ?
  17. What is Btu ?
  18. What is Cfm & Infiltration ?
  19. What are the types of air conditioning systems ?
  20. What is the entering & leaving air temperature in AHU ?
  21. What are the factors to be considered to calculate the heat gain ?
  22. What is Bypass factor & Contact factor ?
  23. What is fresh air, return air & supply air ?
  24. In Q=AV, What is Q, A & V ?
  25. How the lighting load is calculated ?
  26. What is the function of AHU ?
  27. Where the Fcu’s are used ?
  28. What are the types of compressors ?
  29. What are the types of condensers ?
  30. What will be the temperature of water entering into condenser ?
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