30 Best iPhone Interview Questions and Answers

List of top 30 most frequently asked iPhone Interview Questions interview questions and answers pdf download free

iPhone Interview Questions and Answers List

  1. What is iPhone?
  2. What are the features of iphone 3gs?
  3. What is iphone OS?
  4. What is iphone sdk?
  5. What is iphone architecture?
  6. What is iphone reference library?
  7. What are sensors in iphone?
  8. What are the location services?
  9. Describe the functionality of accelerometer of an iphone?
  10. Explain about the applications that can be used with iphone?
  11. What is an iPhone app?
  12. Why iPhone apps are popular?
  13. Requirements to develop iPhone Apps:
  14. How do I find the App Store in iTunes?
  15. What can I purchase from the App Store?
  16. Can I use applications on my iPod?
  17. How do I find the file size of an application?
  18. Is the application available in my language?
  19. Where can I find a list of my purchased applications?
  20. Will applications run on my computer?
  21. What is an in-app purchase?
  22. Can I play music on my device and use an application at the same time?
  23. How do I remove an application from my device?
  24. Can I use apps from the Mac App Store on more than one computer?
  25. Do I need to sign in to use an app?
  26. If I have already downloaded an app from the Mac App Store, can I redownload it for free?
  27. What is the Mac App Store refund policy?
  28. How do I back up my purchases?
  29. Do apps from the Mac App Store require activation keys, serial numbers, or registration numbers?
  30. Where can I get technical support for an app from the Mac App Store?

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