30 Best Java Beans Interview Questions and Answers

List of top 30 most frequently asked java beans interview questions and answers pdf download free

Java Beans Interview Questions and Answers List

  1. What is the relationship between Enterprise JavaBeans and JavaBeans?
  2. How to implement a bound property in your bean application?
  3. How and when will the JavaBeans Migration Assistant to ActiveX be available?
  4. Why would a developer need the JavaBeans Migration Assistant for ActiveX?
  5. Can JavaBeans use DCOM as its network model?
  6. Can both Java applets and JavaBeans components use the InfoBus?
  7. JavaBeans has mechanisms like bound properties for data transfer between components. Why is the InfoBus necessary?
  8. Is InfoBus easy to use?
  9. Does the InfoBus compete with JavaBeans?
  10. What is the InfoBus?
  11. What are the properties of java beans?
  12. What are/is Enterprise JavaBeans?
  13. Who is developing the JavaBeans Migration Assistant to ActiveX?
  14. Why is the JavaBeans Bridge for ActiveX only available on Windows/X86?
  15. What is the relation between the InfoBus and RMI?
  16. Difference between java Beans and Enterprise Java Beans?
  17. Is the InfoBus client side only?
  18. Will the general public have access to the InfoBus API s?
  19. How does the InfoBus relate to JavaBeans?
  20. What is Glasgow?
  21. How to create bound property in bean application?
  22. What is the serializable class in java beans?
  23. How to control serialization in java beans?
  24. What is introspection properties in java beans?
  25. What are introspection API in java beans?
  26. What is bean customization?
  27. What is EJB container?
  28. What is EJB context?
  29. What is EJB Home object?
  30. What is EJB object?
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