30 Best Linux Administrator Interview Questions and Answers

List of top 30 linux administrator most frequently asked interview questions and answers pdf download free

Linux Administrator Interview Questions and Answers List

  1. What are the differences between a regular file and a directory.
  2. Where are the file names stored on a file system?
  3. What is an i-node?
  4. What are hard and soft links?
  5. What is a Signal in Linux, and what signal is invoked when you use the kill command? What is the difference between kill and kill -9?
  6. Describe what happens when you run the rm command.
  7. What is a process?
  8. What are the logically divided parts of a process?
  9. What are the process states in Linux?
  10. How are threads different from processes?
  11. What is a Socket?
  12. How do you debug a running process or a library that is being called?
  13. How to see a memory map of a process, along with how much memory a process uses?
  14. You run chmod -x /bin/chmod, how do you make chmod executable again without copying it or restoring from backup?
  15. Explain the TIME_WAIT state in a TCP connection, as displayed by netstat or ss.
  16. What is Huge Pages in Linux and what use is there for them?
  17. What is a Master boot Record and how do you back it up and restore it?
  18. Your server is using a lot of cached memory. How do you free it up short of rebooting?
  19. How do you track new concurrent connections?
  20. What is SYN flood and how can you detect it and mitigate it?
  21. You have a file with 2000 IP’s. How do you ping them all using bash in parallel?
  22. What command can you use to send unsolicited ARP updates to the neighboring servers’ caches.
  23. What Linux utility can craft custom packets, like TCP SYN packets and send them to a remote host?
  24. What is Memory Overcommit in Linux?
  25. What is system load averag as displayed by uptime?
  26. How do you list all kernel modules that are compiled in or enabled?
  27. What is the difference between Active and Passive FTP sessions:
  28. At which location Puppet Master Stores Certificates ?
  29. How to find all the regular files in a directory ?
  30. What is load average in a linux ?
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