30 TOP CDMA Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

List of top 30 most frequently asked cdma multiple choice questions and answers pdf download free

CDMA Multiple Choice Questions and Answers List

  1. In CDMA, the system uses ______for the Forward and Reverse links
  2. Which of this is not a call set up channel?
  3. Channels used for the call is called
  4. Which of these signaling is used for the PSTN network interface
  5. Which of this Controls FSU power during call?
  6. Which of this is a Assigned Channel ?
  7. Which of these channel is unidirectional?
  8. Which of these channel is unidirectional?
  9. How many traffic channels are there in each FSU?
  10. The system is equipped with _______ for data service.
  11. In general, Spread Spectrum communications is distinguished by which of these elements?
  12. Which of this is the way to spread the bandwidth of the signal
  13. The digital data is directly coded at a much higher frequency. The code is generated pseudo-randomly, the receiver knows how to generate the same code, and correlates the received signal with that code to extract the data. Which type of spread spectrum is this?
  14. The signal is transmitted in short bursts pseudo-randomly, and the receiver knows before hand when to expect the burst.Which type of spread spectrum is this?
  15. What is the data rate for Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation (ADPCM)
  16. What is the data rate for Low Delay Code Excited Linear Prediction (LD-CELP)?
  17. The subscriber unit correctly generates its own matching code and uses it to extract the appropriate signals. Each subscriber uses
  18. In CDMA, the pseudo-random code must have the following property
  19. What will be the correlation of two codes ,if the two codes are identical ?
  20. The bit rate of the PN code is called
  21. In CDMA, the bit rate of the digital data is called
  22. One bit of the PN code is called
  23. The length of time before the code starts repeating itself (the period of the code) is called
  24. The epoch must be _________ the round trip propagation delay
  25. CDMA technology is inherently resistant to_____.
  26. Spatial filtering, such as sectorization, ______________system capacity.
  27. A 6-sector cell would have a ___________capacity than a 3-sector cell.
  28. When a cell becomes heavily loaded, it __________.
  29. ________ is the constant change of the range of the geographical area covered by a cellular telephone transmitter based on the amount of traffic currently using that transmitter.
  30. Capacity is_____________proportional to the required Eb/Noof the system.

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