30 TOP Citrix Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

List of top 30 most frequently asked citrix multiple choice questions and answers pdf download free

Citrix Multiple Choice Questions and Answers List

  1. What are two ways that MAC addresses are assigned to virtual machine (VM) virtual network interfaces?
  2. Which two components can be installed using the first installation CD?
  3. What are two advantages of bare metal solutions versus Host OS-based solutions?
  4. What is the role of the XenDesktop Setup Wizard?
  5. Which port does the remote xe command line interface use to communicate with the XenServer?
  6. What is the function of full emulation?
  7. What is a characteristic of paravirtualization?
  8. How can an administrator reduce server resource usage on the hosting infrastructure while allowing for assigned desktops in a XenDesktop environment?
  9. A XenServer shows the output from the command ls /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth* displayed in the attached exhibit. Click the Exhibit button to view the output. This output indicates that the XenServer has three _________. (Choose the option that correctly completes this sentence.)
  10. A Linux Virtual Machine (VM) and a Windows VM are running on the same host. The administrator configured these VMs to communicate only with each other. Which type of XenServer network enables their communication?
  11. A XenServer shows the output from ifconfig -a displayed in the attached Exhibit. Click the Exhibit button to view the output. How many physical network interface cards (NICs) does the server have?
  12. What does a full template include that a basic template does not?
  13. Which action is required when creating a virtual machine (VM) from a basic template that is not required when creating a VM from a full template?
  14. An administrator has just created a new Windows virtual machine (VM) by installing from an ISO. What is the next step the administrator should perform on the new VM?
  15. The pool Master failed and the administrator cannot bring it back up. What should the administrator do in order to recover and manage pool tasks?
  16. What happens when a pool Master cannot be reached?
  17. An Administrator has been instructed to manually distribute virtual machines (VMs) running on XenServer Enterprise Edition 4.0 servers. The administrator needs to configure two additional servers and add the servers to a pool. Before adding the servers to the pool, which two things should the administrator do?
  18. Which two subsystems incur performance penalties if a Windows virtual machine (VM) runs with the emulated drivers rather than with the paravirtualized drivers?
  19. What is the recommended location for an ISO library?
  20. Which method for creating a virtual machine (VM) converts an existing installed system to a VM?
  21. Which two tools can an administrator use to create a new storage repository?
  22. Which operating system CANNOT be installed from an ISO as a virtual machine (VM) in XenServer Enterprise Edition 4.0?
  23. Which kernel of the Xen engine is used by XenServer Enterprise Edition 4.0?
  24. Which type of storage supports Fast Cloning of virtual machines?
  25. What is the maximum total number of servers possible in a resource pool?
  26. What is the maximum amount of supported physical memory that XenServer Enterprise Edition 4.0 can use on a physical system?
  27. How many virtual drives, including the Virtual CD-ROM drive, are supported within a Windows virtual machine?
  28. Which of the following operations can NOT be made on a virtual machine (VM) whether it is powered on or off?
  29. In Domain 0, what is the name of the logical Linux device for the first physical network adapter?
  30. What is NOT a true statement about the XenServer command line interface?

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