30 TOP OOPS Interview Questions and Answers

List of top 30 most frequently asked oops interview questions and answers pdf download free

OOPS Interview Questions and Answers List

  1. Explain the rationale behind Object Oriented concepts?
  2. Explain about Object oriented programming?
  3. Explain what is an object?
  4. Explain the implementation phase with respect to OOP?
  5. Explain about the Design Phase?
  6. Explain about a class?
  7. Explain about instance in object oriented programming?
  8. Explain about inheritance?
  9. Explain about multiple inheritance?
  10. Explain about encapsulation?
  11. Explain about abstraction?
  12. Explain the mechanism of composition?
  13. Explain about polymorphism?
  14. Explain about overriding polymorphism?
  15. Explain about object oriented databases?
  16. Explain about parametric polymorphism?
  17. What are all the languages which support OOP?
  18. Explain what is object oriented programming language?
  19. Name some languages which have object oriented language and characteristics?
  20. Explain about UML?
  21. Explain the meaning of object in object oriented programming?
  22. Explain about message passing in object oriented programming?
  23. State about Java and its relation to Object oriented programming?
  24. What are the problems faced by the developer using object oriented programming language?
  25. State some of the advantages of object oriented programming?
  26. Explain about inheritance in OOPS?
  27. Explain about the relationship between object oriented programming and databases?
  28. Explain about a class in OOP?
  29. Explain the usage of encapsulation?
  30. Name the different Creational patterns in OO design?

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