30 TOP Shell Scripting Interview Questions and Answers

List of top 30 most frequently asked shell scripting interview questions and answers pdf download free

Shell Scripting Interview Questions and Answers List

  1. What is shell scripting?
  2. State the advantages of Shell scripting?
  3. What are the disadvantages of shell scripting?
  4. Explain about the slow execution speed of shells?
  5. Give some situations where typing error can destroy a program?
  6. Explain about return code?
  7. What are the different variables present in Linux shell?
  8. Explain about GUI scripting?
  9. Explain about echo command?
  10. Explain about Stdin, Stdout and Stderr?
  11. Explain about sourcing commands?
  12. Explain about debugging?
  13. Explain about Login shell?
  14. Explain about non-login shell files?
  15. Explain about shebang?
  16. Explain about the Exit command?
  17. Explore about Environment variables?
  18. What is Shell’s Responsibilities ?
  19. What is “$#” Variable ?
  20. Explain “Exit Status” for a shell script ?
  21. What is “Command Substitution” ?
  22. What is ” eval” command ?
  23. What is awk ?
  24. What is “grep” programe ?
  25. Name a new feature introduced with PHP 5.
  26. Explain “read” command ?
  27. What are the two files used by the shell to initialize itself?
  28. What is Interactive mode?
  29. What is noninteractive mode?
  30. what is local variable?

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