30 TOP Silktest Interview Questions and Answers

List of top 30 most frequently asked silktest interview questions and answers pdf download free

Silktest Interview Questions and Answers List

  1. What is SilkTest?
  2. What is the Segue Testing Methodology?
  3. What is AUT?
  4. What is SilkTest Host?
  5. What is SilkTest Agent?
  6. What is 4Test?
  7. What is the DOM browser extension?
  8. What is the VO browser extension?
  9. What is SilkTest project?
  10. How to create a new SilkTest project?
  11. How to open an existing SilkTest project?
  12. What is a SilkTest Testplan?
  13. Where is a testplan stored?
  14. How to create and edit a testplan?
  15. What are the types of text lines in a testplan file?
  16. How to create group and sub group descriptions in a testplan?
  17. What are testplan attributes?
  18. What are the default testplan attributes?
  19. How to define new testplan attributes?
  20. How to define values for a testplan attribute?
  21. Where are the testplan attributes stored?
  22. How to assign attribute values to test cases?
  23. What is a test frame?
  24. How to create a test frame?
  25. What is stored in a test frame?
  26. How DOM browser extension identify a Web application UI object?
  27. What is the syntax of UI object identifier used by DOM extension?
  28. What is multi-tagging?
  29. How to add objects of other pages to a test frame?
  30. How to specify a browser extension to a Web application?
  31. What is DefaultBaseState?

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