40 Best SAP FICO Interview Questions and Answers

List of top 40 most frequently asked sap fico interview questions and answers pdf download free

SAP FICO Interview Questions and Answers List

  1. What is a Company Code and what are the basic organizational assignments to a company code?
  2. What is the relation between a Controlling Area and a Company code?
  3. How many Chart of Accounts can a Company code have?
  4. What are the options in SAP when it comes to Fiscal years?
  5. What is a year dependent fiscal year variant ?
  6. How does posting happen in MM (Materials Management) during special periods?
  7. How many currencies can be configured for a company code?
  8. Do you require to configure additional ledger for parallel currencies?
  9. If there are two company codes with different chart of accounts how can you consolidate their activities?
  10. Give some examples of GL accounts that should be posted automatically through the system and how is this defined in the system.
  11. What is a Account group and where is it used?
  12. What is a field status group?
  13. What is the purpose of a “Document type” in SAP?
  14. What is a Financial Statement Version?
  15. How are input and output taxes taken care of in SAP?
  16. What are Validations and Substitutions?
  17. Is it possible to maintain plant wise different GL codes?
  18. Is Business area at company code Level?
  19. What are the different scenarios under which a Business Area or a Profit Center may be defined?
  20. What are the problems faced when a Business area is configured?
  21. Which is the default exchange rate type which is picked up for all SAP transactions?
  22. Is it possible to configure the system to pick up a different exchange rate type for a particular transaction?
  23. What are the master data pre-requisites for document clearing?
  24. Explain the importance of the GR/IR clearing account.
  25. How many numbers of line items in one single entry you can have?
  26. A Finance Document usually has an assignment field. This field automatically gets populated during data entry. Where does it get its value?
  27. How do you maintain the number range in Production environment?
  28. In customizing “company code productive “means what? What does it denote?
  29. What is done by GR/IR regrouping program?
  30. What are the functionalities available in the financial statement version?
  31. Is it possible to print the financial statement version on a SAPscript form?
  32. How do you configure the SAPscript form financial statement version?
  33. Is it possible to generate a financial statement form automatically?
  34. Is it possible to keep the FI posting period open only for certain GL codes?
  35. How do you keep the FI posting period open only for certain GL codes?
  36. Can posting period variant be assigned to more than 1 company code?
  37. At what level are the customer and vendor codes stored in SAP?
  38. How are Vendor Invoice payments made?
  39. How do you configure the automatic payment program?
  40. Where do you attach the check payment form?

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