40 Best Tibco Interview Questions and Answers

List of top 40 most frequently asked tibco interview questions and answers pdf download free

Tibco Interview Questions and Answers List

  1. What is TIBCO?
  2. If you have installed a particular version of TIBCO software e.g. TIBCO BW X.Y.Z, What are X, Y and Z number stands for?
  3. What is the role of TRA?
  4. What are the resources that gets included in the EAR file, created by the TIBCO Designer?
  5. What are the revision control system options available in TIBCO designer?
  6. What are the different modes of service invocation?
  7. What is vcrepo.dat?
  8. What are the TIBCO BW activities that can participate in transactions?
  9. What are the different types of Transactions TIBCO provides?
  10. What activities are supported in JTA Transaction?
  11. What activities are supported in XA Transaction ?
  12. What are the possible Error output’s of Read File activity?
  13. What is the purpose of the inspector activity ?
  14. What are the maximum/minimum of threads available for incoming HTTP ?
  15. How can unauthorized users be prevented from triggering a process ?
  16. What are the mandatory configuration parameters for FTP Connection & FTP with firewall ?
  17. how to design a process such that depending on number of records updated in a database, 3 different sub-processes may be called ?
  18. How to use legacy .dat file format with latest designer ?
  19. What are the encodings supported by designer ?
  20. What are the 4 main panels of the Designer window ?
  21. How do you determine if there are broken references in the project?
  22. Where are the Designer preferences stored ?
  23. Explain the process configuration parameters – Max Jobs, Flow Limit & Activation Limit ?
  24. What are the options for configuring storage for process engine’s checkpoint repository ?
  25. Process engines in a fault tolerant group can be configured as peers or master secondary.How do these differ ?
  26. What are the uses of grouping activities ?
  27. What is the purpose of a Lock shared configuration resource?
  28. How to control the sequence of execution of process instances created by a process starter ?
  29. Can there be two error transitions out of an activity ?
  30. When is a ‘No Action’ group used ?
  31. What activity can be used to set the value of a ‘User defined process variable’ ?
  32. Which are the two process variables available to all activities with inputs ?
  33. Which mechanism can be used to pass data between a process instance and a called sub process other than mapping from/to the callee’s input/output ?
  34. What are the three scenarios where BW engine has to be configured with database persistence instead of Local File ?
  35. If you want a group to be executed if there is some unhandled error but subject to some max number of iterations which group do you use ?
  36. When is a ‘Generate Error’ activity useful?
  37. Which activity is used for detecting duplicate message processing?
  38. Give an example where graceful migration of service from one machine to another is not possible.
  39. What are the types of adapter services ?
  40. If the business process needs to invoke another web service which resource do you use ?

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