40 TOP Adobe Photoshop Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

List of top 40 most frequently asked adobe photoshop multiple choice questions and answers pdf download free

Adobe Photoshop Multiple Choice Questions and Answers List

  1. MicrosoftcreatedAdobePhotoshop?
  2. The Image title bar states the name of the application.
  3. The toolbox is located on the left side of the interface and houses manytools that a revisible and hidden.
  4. The default colors for the foreground and background colors are black and white.
  5. Every tool can be activated by a letter key stroke.
  6. Only certain tools display a tools option bar where you can change the settings of a tool.
  7. The rights side of the interface is occupied by panels.
  8. There are 3 panels that are visible in the default workspace environment.
  9. The zoomtool and the navigator palette work to gether in zooming in/out on an image.
  10. A layer is a separate image to an overall image.
  11. The magicw and works with a setting called to lerance to determine the sensitivity level of what is being selected by this tool.
  12. Layers cannot be deleted once they’ve been created.
  13. Layers are viewed from bottom totop.
  14. Holding the shift button will allow you to add to as election.
  15. As election can be made with as so, marquee, magicwand, and quick selection tools.
  16. Hue,Saturation and Brightnes saretermsused with color.
  17. In the foreground color picker box there are 7 characters in a hexidecial color code combination.
  18. The tool that will take lookout off ocusis the sharpentool.
  19. The letter “S” key can be pressed to change the screenmode.
  20. A layer that is active must be visible.
  21. An item located under a main menuiscalleda sub menu item.
  22. A Photoshop file(.psd) canbe uploaded to your flickraccount.
  23. To change the name of a layer you can double-click on the words on the layer.
  24. The Photoshop version weare currently using in cs5.
  25. The History panel can be found/opened from under the Window main menu.
  26. When you copy/paste an image from the Web into a Photoshop file a new layer is made.
  27. AS martObject Thumb nail on a layer means you can edit that layer.
  28. Control+R is the short cut for hiding/showing your rulers.
  29. Rule of Third suses a 4×4 grid for determing where to place the focal point in an image.
  30. _______ are small squares on the computer screen that reflect the colors Red, Green, Blue.
  31. Filter Effects are the ways in which pixels in an image are affected by color.(base,blend,result)
  32. Many photographers and graphi cart is tusetherule of thirds when placing the of cusofinterest.
  33. Editing is the process of changing the photo to make it most effective for its purpose.
  34. After you are finishedmaking trans formations you commit changes by pressing the enter key
  35. Layer____________include things such as dropshadow, bevelandemboss,and stroke.
  36. The shortcut to activate the Free Trans formbox.
  37. The key to press when using the Clone Stamping Tool.
  38. The setting with aselection tool that allows the edges to be soft.
  39. The term that describes the range of color.
  40. The term that describes the purity of color.

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