45 TOP Peoplesoft Interview Questions and Answers

List of top 45 most frequently asked Peoplesoft interview questions and answers pdf download free

Peoplesoft Interview Questions and Answers List

  1. What are Menu types available?
  2. Where do you need to install connectivity software?
  3. What is the purpose of state records?
  4. What is the most important Record in PS HRMS?
  5. What is dynamic view?
  6. What is the difference between SQL View and Query View?
  7. What is section?
  8. How do you create the Department security with navigations?
  9. What is ERP and how it is related to SAP?
  10. What is difference between Translate table and Prompt table?
  11. What is Activity Type? What is Cost Center? What is GAP Analysis? Explain with real time scenario.
  12. If we use SQL and Call section at same time then Database deadlock will occur. Why does this Dead lock Occur?
  13. What are all the steps involved in Upgrade process?
  14. Explain what are component buffer and data buffer.
  15. What are the views available in App. Designer project workspace?
  16. What are the statuses available in PeopleSoft Domain Status Menu?
  17. What are the differences between RowClass and RowSet in PeopleSoft?
  18. What is the default Crystal Report that PeopleSoft Query tool creates?
  19. What Record Changes does not affect Database?
  20. What views available in Application Designer project workspace?
  21. Is it possible to change Prompt Table with NO Edit to Prompt Table with Edit?
  22. What are the main attributes of a Component Interface (CI)?
  23. Which of the following are parts of an AE program?
  24. Will Tuxedo continue to be used in a PeopleSoft/WebSphere or PeopleSoft/WebLogic environment?
  25. Can a PeopleTools 8.4 and a PeopleTools 8.lxapplication server run on the same machine?
  26. IBM How should Web Application Servers be used with PeopleTools.
  27. Are disconnected mobile applications supported in PeopleTools 8.lx?
  28. Is web server load balancing supported with PeopleTools 8.4?
  29. What HTTP servers and .Java servlet engine combinations are supported with PeopleTools 8.4?
  30. Where the WorkItem is available?
  31. Where is workflow work items found?
  32. What BEA product is used for DB transaction in PS?
  33. What is the status available in PeopleSoft Domain Status Menu?
  34. What event is fired after DB Update?
  35. Which process is used for running AE programs, which are to be run at a frequency of less than a day?
  36. Which RDBMS uses Table space?
  37. How do you login into BS mode?
  38. Activate Event is Valid for following?
  39. What are Menu types available?
  40. What is the output when Query is split?
  41. What are destructive statements in SQL?
  42. What does ER Diagrams represent?
  43. On which servers Tuning can be done.
  44. What are the uses of process profile?
  45. Where is Unicode used?

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