50 TOP LoadRunner Interview Questions and Answers

List of top 50 most frequently asked loadrunner Interview Questions interview questions and answers pdf download free

LoadRunner Interview Questions and Answers List

  1. What protocols does LoadRunner support?
  2. What do I need to know to do load testing in addition to knowing how to use the LoadRunner tool?
  3. What can I monitor with LoadRunner?
  4. How many users can I emulate with LoadRunner on a PC?
  5. What are the Vuser components in LoadRunner?
  6. LoadRunner Function – How to get current system time
  7. What are the reasons why parameterization is necessary when load testing the Web server and the database server.
  8. what is LoadRunner.
  9. When LoadRunner is used.
  10. What is the advantage of using LoadRunner.
  11. What is scenario?
  12. what is the vuser in the scenario.
  13. What is vuser script?
  14. What the vuser script contain.
  15. What is transaction?
  16. What is rendezvous point.
  17. When the rendezvous point is insert.
  18. What is LoadRunner controller?
  19. what is Host.
  20. what are the LoadRunner testing process.
  21. what is planning for the test.
  22. what do you mean by creating vuser script.
  23. what are the process for developing a vuser script.
  24. How to create a scenario?
  25. what do you mean by Remote Command Launcher(RCL).
  26. what is LoadRunner Agent.
  27. how you load a LoadRunner Agent.
  28. how many types of vuser are available.
  29. what is GUI vuser and on which platform it will run.
  30. what is MS-windows.
  31. what is X-Windows.
  32. What is LoadRunner API function.
  33. how you develop the database vuser script.
  34. how many section database vuser script have.
  35. how you enhance the basic script.
  36. what is run-time-setting.
  37. what is stand-alone mode.
  38. what type of function generate and insert by the vugen to the script when you record a script.
  39. what is LR-function.
  40. what is protocol function.
  41. what are the section contain by the vugen while creating a vuser script.
  42. what is vuser-init section.
  43. what is action section.
  44. what is vuser-end section.
  45. how vugen create a vuser script.
  46. How you edit the script.
  47. what is the LoadRunner start-transaction and its syntax.
  48. what is the LoadRunner end transaction and its syntax.
  49. where you insert the rendezvous point.

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