50 TOP Oracle Database Interview Questions and Answers

List of top 50 most frequently asked oracle database interview questions and answers pdf download free

Oracle Database Interview Questions and Answers List

  1. What Is Oracle?
  2. What Is an Oracle Database?
  3. What Is an Oracle Instance?
  4. What Is a Parameter File in Oracle?
  5. What Is a Server Parameter File in Oracle?
  6. What Is a Initialization Parameter File in Oracle?
  7. What is System Global Area (SGA) in Oracle?
  8. What is Program Global Area (PGA) in Oracle?
  9. What Is a User Account in Oracle?
  10. What Is the Relation of a User Account and a Schema in Oracle?
  11. What Is a User Role in Oracle?
  12. What is a Database Schema in Oracle?
  13. What Is a Database Table in Oracle?
  14. What Is a Table Index in Oracle?
  15. What Is an Oracle Tablespace?
  16. What Is an Oracle Data File?
  17. What Is a Static Data Dictionary in Oracle?
  18. What Is a Dynamic Performance View in Oracle?
  19. What Is a Recycle Bin in Oracle?
  20. What Is SQL*Plus?
  21. What Is Transport Network Substrate (TNS) in Oracle?
  22. What Is Open Database Communication (ODBC) in Oracle?
  23. What is Oracle Database 10g Express Edition?
  24. What Are the Limitations Oracle Database 10g XE?
  25. What Operating Systems Are Supported by Oracle Database 10g XE?
  26. How To Download Oracle Database 10g XE?
  27. How To Install Oracle Database 10g XE?
  28. How To Check Your Oracle Database 10g XE Installation?
  29. How To Shutdown Your 10g XE Server?
  30. How To Start Your 10g XE Server?
  31. How Much Memory Your 10g XE Server Is Using?
  32. How To Start Your 10g XE Server from Command Line?
  33. How To Shutdown Your 10g XE Server from Command Line?
  34. How To Unlock the Sample User Account in Oracle?
  35. How To Change System Global Area (SGA) in Oracle?
  36. How To Change Program Global Area (PGA) in Oracle?
  37. What Happens If You Set the SGA Too Low in Oracle?
  38. What To Do If the StartBD.bat Failed to Start the XE Instance?
  39. How To Login to the Server without an Instance?
  40. How To Use “startup” Command to Start Default Instance?
  41. Where Are the Settings Stored for Each Instance in Oracle?
  42. What To Do If the Binary SPFile Is Wrong for the Default Instance?
  43. How To Check the Server Version in Oracle?
  44. Explain What Is SQL*Plus?
  45. How To Start the Command-Line SQL*Plus?
  46. How To Get Help at the SQL Prompt?
  47. What Information Is Needed to Connect SQL*Plus an Oracle Server?
  48. What Is a Connect Identifier?
  49. How To Connect a SQL*Plus Session to an Oracle Server?
  50. What Happens If You Use a Wrong Connect Identifier?

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