50 TOP Oracle Developer Interview Questions and Answers

List of top 50 most frequently asked oracle developer interview questions and answers pdf download free

Oracle Developer Interview Questions and Answers List

  1. When can Hash Cluster used?
  2. Explain Database Link?
  3. What are the types of Database Links?
  4. What is Private Database Link?
  5. What is Public Database Link?
  6. What is Network Database link?
  7. What is Data Block?
  8. How to define Data Block size?
  9. What are the components of Physical database structure of Oracle Database?
  10. What are the components of Logical database structure of ORACLE database?
  11. What is Tablespace?
  12. What is SYSTEM tablespace and When is it Created?
  13. Explain the relationship among Database, Tablespace and Data file?
  14. What is schema?
  15. What are Schema Objects?
  16. Can a Tablespace hold objects from different Schemes?
  17. Explain Table?
  18. Explain View?
  19. Explain Can a View based on another View?
  20. Explain Do View contain Data?
  21. Explain What are the advantages of Views?
  22. What is Sequence?
  23. Explain a Synonym?
  24. Explain What are the type of Synonyms?
  25. Explain a Private Synonyms?
  26. What is a Public Synonyms?
  27. Explain What are synonyms used for?
  28. Explain an Index?
  29. Explain How are Indexes Update?
  30. Explain What are Clusters?
  31. What is cluster Key?
  32. What is Index Cluster?
  33. What is Hash Cluster?
  34. What is the maximum number of CHECK constraints that can be defined on a column?
  35. What are the Limitations of a CHECK Constraint?
  36. What is self-referential integrity constraint?
  37. What is Row Chaining?
  38. Explain an Extent?
  39. Explain a Segment?
  40. Explain What are the different type of Segments?
  41. Explain What does a Control file Contain?
  42. Explain an Index Segment?
  43. What is Rollback Segment?
  44. Explain What are the uses of Rollback Segment?
  45. What is a Temporary Segment?
  46. What is Data File?
  47. Explain What are the Characteristics of Data Files?
  48. What is Redo Log?
  49. What is the function of Redo Log?
  50. What is the use of Redo Log Information?

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