50 TOP RDBMS Interview Questions and Answers

List of top 50 most frequently asked rdbms interview questions and answers pdf download free

RDBMS Interview Questions and Answers List

  1. What is database?
  2. What is DBMS?
  3. What is a Database system?
  4. Advantages of DBMS?
  5. Disadvantage in File Processing System?
  6. Describe the three levels of data abstraction?
  7. Define the “integrity rules”
  8. What is extension and intension?
  9. What is System R? What are its two major subsystems?
  10. How is the data structure of System R different from the relational structure?
  11. What is Data Independence?
  12. What is a view? How it is related to data independence?
  13. What is Data Model?
  14. What is E-R model?
  15. What is Object Oriented model?
  16. What is an Entity?
  17. What is an Entity type?
  18. What is an Entity set?
  19. What is an Extension of entity type?
  20. What is Weak Entity set?
  21. What is an attribute?
  22. What is a Relation Schema and a Relation?
  23. What is degree of a Relation?
  24. What is Relationship?
  25. What is Relationship set?
  26. What is Relationship type?
  27. What is degree of Relationship type?
  28. What is DDL (Data Definition Language)?
  29. What is VDL (View Definition Language)?
  30. What is SDL (Storage Definition Language)?
  31. What is Data Storage – Definition Language?
  32. What is DML (Data Manipulation Language)?
  33. What is DML Compiler?
  34. What is Query evaluation engine?
  35. What is DDL Interpreter?
  36. What is Record-at-a-time?
  37. What is Set-at-a-time or Set-oriented?
  38. What is Relational Algebra?
  39. What is Relational Calculus?
  40. How does Tuple-oriented relational calculus differ from domain-oriented relational calculus.
  41. What is normalization?
  42. What is Functional Dependency?
  43. When is a functional dependency F said to be minimal?
  44. What is Multivalued dependency?
  45. What is Lossless join property?
  46. What is 1 NF (Normal Form)?
  47. What is Fully Functional dependency?
  48. What is 2NF?
  49. What is 3NF?
  50. What is BCNF (Boyce-Codd Normal Form)?
  51. What is 4NF?
  52. What is 5NF?

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