How DOM browser extension identify a Web application UI object? | Silktest Questions

A Web application UI object is identified in two parts:

1. Identify the Web browser window where the Web application is running. For example, a Web browser window can be identified as”Browser.BrowserChild(“Yahoo Home Page”)”.
Another Web browser window can be identified as”Browser.BrowserChild(“Google Home Page”)”.
2. Identify the Web UI object based on the HTML element that represents the UI object.
For example, an image in a Web page can be identified as “HtmlImage(“Yahoo Logo”)”;
A hyperlink in a Web page can be identified as “HtmlLink(“Site Map”)”; The full identification of a Web applicatin UI object is the concatenation of the browser window identification and the HTML element identification. For example, the Yahoo logo image is identified as:
Browser.BrowserChild(“Yahoo Home Page”).HtmlImage(“Yahoo Logo”). The site map link is identified as: Browser.BrowserChild(“Google Home Page”).HtmlLink(“Site Map”).

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