How to add objects of other pages to a test frame? | Silktest Questions

If your Web application has pages other than the home page, you should also record their page objects into the test frame:

1. Make sure your Web browser is active and showing another page of your Web application.
2. Make sure SilkTest is running.
3. Click File/Open menu.
4. Select your test frame file. For example:
5. Click OK to open the test frame.
6. Click Record/Window Declarations menu. The Record Window Declarations dialog box shows up. 7. Click your Web application window. Web page objects are recorded in the Record Window Declarations dialog box.
8. Press Ctrl+Alt to pause the recording.
9. Click “Paste to Editor” button. All recorded objects will be inserted into the test frame.
10. Repeat this for other Web pages, if needed.

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